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Friday, April 9, 2010

We're In The Theatre!

Wow - what a week! Monday we moved into the theatre space for the first time - everyone was so excited, as up until now, we have been rehearsing in a church rec room and the dance studio. While I will miss getting to look at myself in the mirrors at the dance studio (take that whatever way you would like), I was pumped to get in the actual space.

This is my first time performing in this space. I have seen a number shows in the theatre, just never made it to the other side. The audience is close. I mean - close. A lot of the show we are the 'greek chorus' of sorts, providing insight for the that means we're right up on the audience - in their face. This also means I have to be precise with my harmonies and lyrics and have total control of everything at all times. There's no room for error.

So, the first night in the theatre was good. It took a bit of work to get familiar with the space and how the dance numbers would play out, etc. The bed was WAY bigger than we were expecting. I mean WAY bigger...but it's very cool looking. I'm anxious to see the set come together even more over the next week. When I left rehearsal Monday night, I knew I still had a lot of work to do on my own. I knew I needed to still go over the music and some of the lyrics. There are a lot of words in this show. This is a hard, hard show. Tuesday night was a bit more difficult...but we got through it. We didn't really move forward with the show, just kind of came to a halt. I may or may not have been a bit frustrated when I left on Tuesday night (usually meaning I was).

It was probably good we had Wednesday night off - gave us a chance to re-group on our own, collect our thoughts, and re-focus. It was funny...because as I was talking to the cast, everyone felt the same way. And Tuesday night almost made us stronger as an ensemble and we were ready to tackle whatever came at us. There was so much energy amongst us last night - you could totally feel it. As soon as the first number ended, we all walked off stage and were like, 'yeah, that really felt good'. I think Scott and Allison realized it too - Allison kept commenting that she couldn't take as many notes on the show as she wanted to because she was being pulled into the story and all the cool stuff that was happening on stage. We took a gigantic step forward last night, and it felt good. It felt really good. This is going to be a show to be proud of and we still have two weeks to get it to an amazing's only forward and up from here.

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