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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Never Stop Thinking!

Two music rehearsals and one choreography rehearsal down - tonight music rehearsal three. This is SO much fun. The music. The cast. The choreography. The cast. The harmonies. The cast.

So last week at this time, I was nervous because I didn't know a lot of the cast...and now a week later I am adoring the cast! Everyone is so kind and so funny. It's just a really great group and I think we started to feel that this past Sunday at our first choreography rehearsal. Robin did a great job of getting us comfortable with one another and it was really a time for us to support one another too as we did our dance steps across the floor - everyone was so encouraging of everyone else as we laughed and stretched. And boy, did we stretch. My body still hates me from Sunday...muscles are sore that have never been sore. But that's a good thing! I was a bit irritated with myself on Sunday, because I wasn't dancing clean a fluid like I wanted's just been a while since I have really 'danced' in a show. I have to reteach my body what it's like to full out dance again.

As mentioned, tonight is our third music rehearsal...and this is some tough music. It's amazing music, but you have to constantly be thinking while you sing. Tight harmonies, notes you have to literally pull from thin air...and "ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo's" that the guys NEVER get right (but I am trying to convince everyone to do the diva hand motion when they sing it in the car - maybe that will help). Or not. We'll get all goes back to remembering to think. And we need to get this music down before we start getting on our feet, because we'll have a whole new plethora of things to be thinking about. Needless to say, my iPod is getting quiet the workout when I'm not in rehearsals.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight and learning more of the music - "went Kate to conquer all...".

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