The Wild Party

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Words, Words, Words...

"...Left, left, right, left - jab - a slab, a rab rab on the jim jam right upper cut to the body body punch! Pow! To the belt - Ow! What a wallop! Jab, jab, flip, flam, on - the limb lamb, take it on the chin pull it out put it in. What a party what a night What a rock'em sock'em throw away the lock'em fight! Whoa..."

An excerpt of lyrics from our most recent song we learned last night - 'The Fight'. Yup - Andrew Lippa has filled this show was some incredibly hard music and a TON of words. God, this is such an ensemble show - and it's great. I mean, we have our four leads, but the ensemble is so essential to this piece and each night you can feel us becoming more and more connected.

Being connected may have something to do with our choreography rehearsal this past Sunday - we staged the number, 'A Wild, Wild Party' (which is awesome, by the way). The connection came in the fact that we are having simulated sex acts on stage - luckily for me, I have the pleasure of acting out my sex acts with the Mara Bollini (Dolores) and Deborah Sharn (Kate) - we have a bit of a three-way going on. I'm seriously hoping Mara and I don't have a child to look after eight months from now (if that gives you any indication). It's full of 20's-style dance moves and stylization and it just gets me more and more excited to continue putting this show together.

Thursday night we learn our last musical number - 'The Juggernaut', and then we review all the group numbers again. I will definitely be reviewing those with my iPod between now and then. There are such awesome harmonies, etc. that I want to make sure stay in-tact and there is a bunch of music that we sing that is not on the recoding, which means I need to look at those even more.

I am having such a blast rehearsing this show, and can't wait for all that is in store.

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